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V A S T R A - K U T I


Vastra Kuti is all about uplifting and celebrating the rich Indian tradition and culture through the dress forms. The basic idea of starting this venture of VASTRA KUTI started with the primary survey revealing that Handloom products are well appreciated by  everyone in India and especially the young Indians because of its excellent fabric quality and a different overall look. Indian climate is primarily hot round the year and Handloom products being airy are the ideal fabric to put on. However Handloom products were brought only for special occasions earlier, but now by the way of our strong promotion has helped enhance the level of acceptance and usage patterns among the target audience.

As summer sunshine fills our part of globe , nothing is quite as cool and restful as the feel of Handloom cotton against the skin. But there is no need to pound the pavements in search of the perfect fabrics and best designs anymore.  We the entrepreneur couples,  Kamala and Chetan of VASTRA KUTI bring beautifully curetted handpicked Handlooms from selected auditions to your door steps and you all need to do is update your wardrobes with please execute weaves and vibrant compositions. 

We at VASTRA KUTI believe in entrepreneurship with the difference and have travelled across the country trying to source the purest fabrics.

I Kamala say that ""we are trying to revive traditional designs purely hand-woven and in pure fabrics"".

I Chetan say that ""as entrepreneurs we at VASTRA KUTI travel to remote areas of the country and source our saree's directly from the Weavers. We offer  unique collection saree's and fabrics to our customers . Our silks and cottons are absolutely pure and hand woven"".

We at VASTRA KUTI would like to say that the real secret of our exclusive beauty lies in the fact that all sarees in our collection are unique. We visit many Weavers and hand pick our saree's and fabrics from many different ones to create something unique. We also take part in reputed exhibitions. "" most of our clients are Handloom lovers and admiral of authentic traditional unique sarees from different artisans from different places"".

"Give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is the philosophy behind VASTRA KUTI.  An art saving , a life giving venture started by Chetan and kamala. It follows the principle of supporting craftsmen to build their own brands and businesses through their brand, thus helping them to be independent and self-sufficient.

“In a country like India, where culture and tradition have been preserved through rich craftsmanship, we take the term “handmade” for granted. We hardly give any credit to handicrafts and their creators but more to designers, retailers, and middlemen. That’s where huge margins get mugged up, with the actual creator earning hardly a handful  and losing his window of exposure, his income, his legacy  and finally his art”. As a result the Indian art and tradition is losing its grip. 

In a growing technology-run and industrialized world, people are increasingly forgetting the traditional crafts and moving towards new innovation. Due to this, artisans are going jobless and are moving to alternative income generation methods, for instance a daily wage labor and farming etc.,

Preserving and protecting the skills and knowledge of traditional crafts is a growing challenge. So, it is high time that art forms are revived and awareness spread about them in urban space. Let's move towards a world where handcrafted items are given due respect and the artisans also get the recognition they deserve for their skills.

With our experience in saree business, we emphasize more on.

  1. Choosing what to stock
  2. The price range of our customers
  3. Saree material and works (pure and Handlooms sarees
  4. Saree Type - Patte
  5. Cotton Kurtis
  6. Traditional Indian men and women dresses and sarees                              

Shop Address:

Manohar Nivas Building, Beside Karnataka Bank, Station Road, Malamaddi,  Dharwad Karnataka 9900961700/9538681444

Awards :

Representing their own brand VASTRA-KUTI, Mr.'s  Kamala C Deshpande is recognized by almost where they go. And to add on to it she won the award and recognition as an Best Rural Entrepreneur  supporting rural artisan's.                                  

Best Rural Entrepreneur  Award - COWE